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Academic Author: Dr. Allyson Jule

Allyson JuleWhile popular culture may be experiencing a kind of backlash against feminism resulting in a 'Not this again!' response at the mention of 'gender,' Dr. Allyson Jule, academic and author of Sh-shushing the Girls, believes that despite battle weariness over the 'gender wars' the sheer weight of evidence that gender is a powerful variable in the classroom necessitates that it be understood in as many ways as possible.

On the strength of her best selling book - Shu-shing the Girls - Allyson and her publicist approached Unvale New Media seeking to create a distinguised online profile. Her market was both commercial and educational. Her main concerns revolved around catering to one without alienating the other and vice-versa.

Together, both parties were able to identify core design requirements and implement a strategy for a smart yet comfortable website.

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visit: www.allysonjule.com