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Aesthetics and Solutions Planning

In developing design prototypes, consideration is given not only to functional and technical requirements but also the presence of any existing company profile. Consistancy in colour scheme and architecture will ensure the final product is indicative of your company's current marketing direction.

For interactive projects a well-defined GUI or graphic user interface is essential. Factors such as ease-of-use, clarity and information design are all major considerations.

For white paper or print projects there is an emphasis on visual intensity and readability.


Prototype presentation is primarily done on two mediums. The first medium is in a hard copy of the design document itself. Within the document, prototypes will be rendered by quality full colour laser prints which represent the nucleus of the content.

The secondary medium is online. You will be able to view the prototype showcase as part of your personal XtraNet which is developed for each and every client. This allows you to view your design and project progression from anywhere with internet access. Its ideal for group feedback and referencing. It also allows realistic colour display for strategic web design projects.

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