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The Three Phases of Development

A key component of any project is procurement and deliverables. We have implemented a 3 Phase system that outlines key components and objectives of each step in the process. The 3 phases consist of: the Scope, the Design, and the Build & Deployment. Each phase has a standard set of deliverables and objectives which must be met before the next step can be executed. By following this critical path it allows for a greater understanding of all requirements by both the client and the production team.

Having tangible deliverables ensures quantitative benchmarks and helps streamline workflow.


Upon successful presentation of each phase's deliverables an endorsement by the client is initialed and the next phase commences.

the Scope - Gather and assess all information about the project in terms of objectives and requirements both technical and functional.

the Design - Apply visual design and aesthetic layout solutions to meet the requirements outlined in the scope phase. Present several prototypes to the client for solution options.

the Build & Deploy - Produce and Implement the final solution as endorsed by the client. Test the product. Review the project.

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