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Search Engine Optimization

Major search engines such as Yahoo! and Google are still the number one method of finding relevant information on the web by internet users. There are two keys to ensuring this penetration. One is having a site built on a foundation of well-formed and complete HTML code. And second, to make sure your site's content is optimized to maximize search engine results.

More often, search engines are placing a higher priority on the content of your web site than on the code. The phrase "Content is King" reflects the industry's realization of this fact. And recently, much research has gone into the area of content optimization.


The findings tell us that you should repeat your best keywords, dozens upon dozens of times, in certain key places within your content. But is this what you really want for your web site? A transparent strategy to obtain high-rankings that compromises your core sales message and makes your web copy extremely difficult to read?

Instead, have your web site professionally written and prepare yourself to reap all the benefits of search engine copywriting. A skill that will weave the rules of high-ranking content into your web site, without sacrificing your core sales message. The result is a web site that is easy to find, easy to read, and converts your toughest prospects into your best clients.

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