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Strategic Website Design

As the adoption of technology continues to grow so will the demand for strategic web design. Web design is more than just putting relevant images and text on a page that comes up when you type in a website address. Strategic web design allows the user to become familiar with the content of the site not only through pictures and text but through an intuitive user interface. Your site should be able to leave an impression on the user that is memorable.

The design of the site should reflect your own company profile or product. It should be interesting and easy to understand even for the most basic of users.


Meandering access to information and gratuitous eye-candy can quickly become irritating. Your website is a window of access and it shouldn't be so cluttered with decorations that your users can't see through it. Keeping it clear, concise and interesting is key.

Developing the site for CasaDelCabo.com involved identifying the market and designing a site where people would be drawn in by the access to information while feeling like they are already half-way to feeling the tropical sun on their face.

Impression - www.casadelcabo.com

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